Men Leather Ratchet Belt Dress With Slide Click Automatic Buckle Luxury Ceinture

Color: Car-od
Belt Length: 85cm (Waist 70cm)
Sale price$24.95


Size reference for the belts:

Waist size 70cm(24-26)--Advised belt size 85CM (26-28)

Waist size 75cm(26-28)--Advised belt size 90CM (28-30)

Waist size 80cm(28-30)--Advised belt size 95CM (30-32)

Waist size 85cm(30-32)--Advised belt size 100CM (32-34)

Waist size 90cm(32-34)--Advised belt size 105CM (34-36)

Waist size 95cm(34-36)--Advised belt size 110CM (36-38)

Waist size 100cm(36-38)--Advised belt size 115CM (38-40)

Waist size 105cm(38-40)--Advised belt size 120CM (40-42)

Waist size 110cm(40-42)--Advised belt size 125CM (42-44)

Waist size 115cm(42-44)--Advised belt size 130CM (44-46)

Waist size 120cm(44-46)--Advised belt size 135CM (46-48)

Waist size 125cm(46-48)--Advised belt size 140CM (48-50)

Waist size 130cm(48-50)--Advised belt size 145CM (50-52)

Waist size 135cm(50-52)--Advised belt size 150CM (52-54)

Waist size 140cm(52-54)--Advised belt size 155CM (54-56)

Waist size 145cm(54-56)--Advised belt size 160CM (56-58)


All sizes are in stock.


Belts Features:

Premium Real Leather: Why settle for inferior leathers? Your Candor and Class men's ratchet belt comes in genuine cow split-hide leather, known for its luxurious look and feel, durability, style and elegance that will last a lifetime.

Ease of Use: To USE - Slip the tapered end, of the no holes strap, into the belt buckle and listen for the comforting confirmation clicks as you tighten to ensure a perfect fit everytime. To REMOVE - Tighten the belt ever so slightly (as counter intuitive as it may seem), to release some pressure and tension off the locking mechanism, press the release lever resulting in an easy belt removal.

Perfect Sizing: With 30 settings spaced at .25 inch apart, our real leather ratchet belt provides a CUSTOM TAILORED FIT for all full and in-between sizes. The genuine leather strap is 1.37 inches wide (35 mm) and an industry first,more than enough product to accommodate 28 to 56 inch waist, comfortably.

The more you need, the lower the price will be.

Please contact us first if there is any problem. You will get satisfied service. 

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